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Photo taken at 9 weeks of age.

At Chester's first specialist show on July 13th 2002, he was placed second Baby Puppy Dog, under UK judge Mr Wootten, SV.


His critique states:

"Grey sable, good head and expression with dark mask, good general proportions, the upper arm is well angled but could be longer, good broad thighs and balanced hind angulation, the croup is of good length and well moulded, needs fractionally longer forelegs, sound coming and going"


Life with Chester.


Chester was picked by our girls at 4 weeks, he was the runt of the litter and being the runt, was in lower end of his litter pack.

Chester and Katie at 4 weeks.

As time went by, Chester grew and grew, reaching around 64cm, he grew from a weedy little puppy, to a male of much bone strength, attitude (thou a little pigheaded) and full of fun.

Shinead took Chester under her care and nurtured the natural instincts of his breed, bringing out his retrieve, zest of fun and naughtiness.


Due to the critical shortage of good working dogs, for the Correctional Services, Chester was eagerly accepted by the service, where he commenced his training assessment and passed the initial stage within the first 4 days. He had his "passing out parade" in July, 2003


The services co-ordinator of the dog handlers unit stated that Chester is there best tracker that have had come through in a very long time, says a lot for a GSD destined for community service, to be raised in a loving family home, rather then in a kennel complex, where human company is scarce


Shinead and Katie proved the power of kid power, with their play, antics and much noise, we added to this with more retrieve, formal training etc. and his breeding got everything started, being the half brother to our boy Tallis, says much


Here is a photo of Chester and his handler John:


photo taken at 14.5months of age.



GOOD dog, good dog, please remember





Article appeared in the Fraser Coast Cronicle, 1st August, 2003


It is just as well for the Grimson family that dogs have long memories. If not, their reunion with Sabre, the family pet they donated to become a prisons dog, could have been less pleasant.


Just moments earlier the family watched as Sabre and the other dogs, who graduated yesterday as Corrective Services Dogs at the Maryborough prison, were put through their paces by their handlers.

The clear message to emerge was that these are not dogs to be messed with.


However, when the Grimson's came face to face with Sabre, all aggressiveness seemed forgotten as he jumped all over them with delirious delight, obviously remembering them.


It will be different from today, when Sabre joins fellow graduates, Sam and Bear, all German Shepherds, on security patrol in the prison.


They will be backed up by Karma and Captain, two Labradors that have been trained to sniff out illicit substances.

The graduates and their handlers are a first for Corrective Services in Queensland and if successful, will be the pilot for the introduction of similar schemes at other state prisons. 

 The Grimsonís photo album.


Chester, on far left with John Mulholland, his new handler . The handlers look after their dogs, before looking after themselves. We were all very impressed with the wonderful kennel facilities, spotlessly clean, large runs, which are easily cleaned. The dogs want for nothing, which made donating Chesterís all the more painless. He has a wonderful handler in John. Chester was not donated as a problem dog, but Correctional Services were having a hard time finding suitable dogs. Chester was our childrenís pet, totally tractable and dependable with them. The true essence of the German Shepherd Dog.


Chester being released by his handler, John, into the large exercise run, running to greet us.


 Chester, happy to sit with Shinead and Katie, with John. 



 nb: No, it is not easy to give up your pets and companions, but, it is also vital that our men and women who serve to protect our community are offered the best dogs possible to ensure the job is carried in safety and efficiently. It was very difficult for us to place Chester, but, we are prepared to so again, for the right reasons, to serve, honor and protect all.


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State Sieger Tacko V.D. Felsen-Grotte SchH3 VA Sieger Jeck V. Noricum Sch H 111 VA Odin V. Tannenmeise Sch H111 Quando V. Arminius
Hasel V. Tannenmeiste
Anett V. Noricum Sch H3 Uran V. Wildsteiger Land
Zilly V. Noricum
V Shela V. Hasenborn Sch H2 Nilo V. Adeloga Sch H 111 Fanto V. Hirschel
Tanja V. Adeloga
V Rasti V. Hasenborn Sch H1 Fanto V. Arminius
Freia V. Gletschertopf
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Crossfire Chantelle
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