NEWS!!!!! Leabashiba De Pistol's first progeny to be hip and elbow scored gains her 'A'Z' stamp, Leabashiba Ms M

Sadly Tallis passed away this year, as did his sister PK last year, from cancer, it was fast and sudden, he didn't suffer.

We still have his lovely daughter Deiva as our companion and his mate CJ at nearly 12 is still with us and going strong as is  his half sister Joy.





sire: Ch*Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC.1

dam: *Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A''Z' BSC.1


Tallis is now our much loved family member, companion and pet who has been desexed.



Sire : Aust CH Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Tacko V.D. Felsen-Grotte SchH3 'a''Z' BSC.1 (IMP. GMY)

S: VA Sieger Jeck V. Noricum Sch H 111
D: V Shela V. Hasenborn Sch H2
D: Aust CH Masterton Aim To Fame 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Aust GRAND CH Crossfire Claim To Fame 'A'Z'BSC.1
D: Aust CH Hauskirk Rhapsody 'A'Z'
Dam : Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Kantenna Ablaze 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Arko V. Huhnegrab Sch h111 (imp. Gmy)
D: Cabernae Inspired 'A'Z' BSC.1
D: Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Tairnbacher Nemesis (I.I.D) 'A'Z'
D: Orrinshir Classic Magic 'A'Z' BSC.1

  You can see puppies from Tallis first litter to CJ here  and to Joy here

Read Tallis's story

Tallis's Breed Survey

Tallis's sires Breed Survey

Winkie Woo's Breed Survey

Delta Force Breed Survey

Tallis's show results to date

Tallis's first litter


Tallis is the combination of 9 years in developing our breeding programme and with Tallis and his litter, is our turning point. I would like to say a special thank you to Sandra Williams of Tairnbacher Kennels, S.A for allowing us to have Karma (Tairnbacher Winkie Woo) live with us as well to Irene Hayton of Masterton Kennels for allowing us the use of Popeye (Masterton Leica Legend). He is the half brother of our Jack, an active Community Service Dog in A.C.T and Chester, a Correctional Service Dog in Qld.


Tallis does not carry the long coat gene.


Tallis is first and foremost our beautiful companion and friend. He is very happy to play rough and tumble games with me, yet, with our young daughter Katie,  she will slip his flat collar and lead on and Tallis goes into overdrive, as a very sweet nature GSD, who is fully aware of just our small and vulnerable Katie's little hands are and never even attempts to pull for fear of hurting her. This all comes from a dog that has about 7 obedience lessons in his entire 2 years of life.


Just recently, Tallis natural character came to the fore, when our one and only neighbour, became deranged and was violently and physically threatening my life and that of my dogs with a recently purchased Cane Knife.


Tallis stood his ground for near on 10 minutes, inside our fence, even thou the neighbour attempted to get him to come on to public property, to cause him harm, Tallis knew he was not to do this. Our boy protected us until my father in law came on the scene.


Tallis physically and mentally proved, what I always suspected, he would put his life on the line for his family, even thou he had never been trained to be anything else but a fun loving pet. He has bounced back from his harrowing and stressful ordeal.


Tallis is what I class a great German Shepherd Dog and does his breed proud.


Tallis combines the producing combination of Arko V. Huhnegrab and Jeck V. Noricum. Tallis litter sister, Leabashiba Delta Force 'A' 0:0 'Z'0:0, also gained her class 1 on the day with a glowing critique


His breed survey states:

strong, 65.5cm, substantial, slightly stretched dog of good type. Strong masculine head, good eye colour, ideally the ears should be set a little higher. Good strength of upper and lower jaw. Slightly short neck, level withers, firm back, the croup is of good mould, but is slightly short. Good forequarter angulation, where the upper arm is long but could be slightly better angled. Yet to achieve final chest development, he should not become any deeper. Good length of foreleg. Very Good hindquarter angulation, where ideally the upper thigh bone should be a little longer. In movement displays good ground covering gait, with good forehand reach. Gun sure, trustworthy, reliable, lively, good-natured in character, alert, firm in nerves, self assured, self assured to the gun.

Virtues: A strong, well boned, well constructed dog with very good character.
Breeding selection: No bloodline restrictions.

Surveyor: Mr R Wenham



Tallis sire; Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC.1 breed survey states:

Large, 65.0cm,  medium strong dog of good type standing with very good height to length proportions. Good head and expression. Normal withers, firm back, slightly steep croup. Normal development of fore and underchest. Stands correct in front. Very good forequarter angulation where the upper arm is of very good length but slightly steep, very good hindquarter angulation. Steps narrow going, correct in front, elbows and hocks firm. In movement shows very good reach and drive where the back remains firm. Very good character and temperament.

Virtues, Dog of very good height to length proportions. Very good character and temperament. Slight restrictions in the lay of the upper arm and length and lay of croup.  Suitable for bitches who need correction in height to length proportions.

Surveyor: Mr D O'Rourke




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Tallis's dam's , Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A''Z' BSC.1 survey states:

The highlights of Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A'Z'  breed survey, Mrs Faye Stokes,  states:

A medium size (57.5cm), strong, substantial bitch of very good type and proportions. Very good feminine head and expression, dark eyes. Stands and moves with high wither, firm back, croup is short and steep. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation, very good length and lay of upper arm, good broad thighs. Stands correct in front. Steps correct front and rear. Very good fore chest development. During movement shows very good reach and drive. Firm in character.

PARTICULAR VIRTUES AND FAULTS: A bitch of very good type with very good length and lay of the upper arm.



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Tallis litter sister Leabashiba Delta Force 'A' 0:0, 'Z' 0:0, breed survey states:

Well above medium size, strong, compact, substantial bitch of very good type. Ideally the colour should be a little stronger. Strong Feminine head, very good planes of skull. Desired eye colour. Slightly short neck. High withers, firm back, very good length and lay of croup. Very good forequarter angulation, good length of foreleg, good underline. Very good hindquarter angulation, broad, well muscled thighs. Short, strong hocks. In movement she displays very good ground covering gait, with very good sequence of steps where the back remains firm.


Trustworthy, reliable, lively, good-natured character, alert, firm condition of nerves, self assured in confidence, self assured to gun.


Particular virtues: A bitch of very good type and out look. Dry and firm with commendable hip and elbow scores.


Advice for breeding: choose a bloodline to retain type and proportions.




At the GSDCQLD 2004 champ. show, VGD4, under Mr Mike Bradley, NZ. SV, Tallis critique read:

17 1/4 months. Black & gold, large, well above medium strength masculine, good overall type, medium eye colour, normal withers firm back, croup is slightly short and steep, good fore and very good hindquarter angles. Normal development for age, shows good bone strength for age, very good top and underline, correct going, correct coming, he shows good ground covering movement very good drive, reach should be a little freer. Good wither retention.


Tallis show results to date:

Date of Show : 15-Jan-05
Show : Burnett Kennel Club Champ Show
Judge : Mrs V Knopke
Result : Reserve of Breed

Date of Show : 15-Jan-05
Show : Burnett Kennel Club Champ Show
Judge : Mrs V Knopke
Result : Dog Challenge of Breed

Date of Show : 15-Jan-05
Show : Burnett Kennel Club Champ Show
Judge : Mrs V Knopke
Result : Intermediate of Breed

Date of Show : 27-July-04
Show : German Shepherd Dog Club of Qld Champ Show
Judge : Mr Mike Bradley
Result : VG4 (out of 8 dog line up)

Date of Show : 12-July to 13-July-03
Show : German Shepherd Dog Club of Qld Champ Show
Judge : Mr Hakan Karlsson
Result :
1st Baby Puppy Dog, Very Promising (7 entries) and Best Baby Puppy in  Show

25/05/2003, Isis Regional Show, Baby Puppy of Breed and Baby Puppy of Group 5, judge Mr G. Kerr

29/05/2003, Bundaberg Regional Show, won Baby Puppy of Breed and Baby Puppy of Group 5, judge Ms L Buchanen

31/05/2003, Gin Gin Regional Show, won Baby Puppy of Breed and Baby Puppy of Group 5, judge Mr E. Ryder

01/06/2003 Maryborough Champ Show, won Baby of Breed, Best Baby in Group 5, judge Mr Weil



Tallis and Joy


Tallis in trainig for Endurance Test with PK



Tallis resting

clear jumping a large fallen tree in the bush

Tallis and Shinead

Tallis, above retrieving from the water and below, displaying his natural drives and abilities as our much loved companion.




Tallis @ 21 months playing with the hessian roll

that the play begin, on hessian roll

off after the article

the death shake of the sack

collecting the article back to bring back

and of course Bonita just had to get in on the action


Below: Tallis at play with Shinead, chasing a lunging whip




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