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Welcome to Clancy's page.

Clancy April 2010



and below the day he came here Nov 2009, so much has changed even his colour.


Photo above taken 8.11..2009

Photo below taken 1.1.2011





Photo above, 13.2.2010, we now enjoy riding bitless together :)

above photo 27th November 2009


Clancy came to us on 8th November, 2009. We have been heavy drought for many months, but instead of loosing more weight he has gained some weight and condition in just two weeks and we look forward to seeing how this boy goes in the future


Clancy is a Arab or Arab x. He is 15.2hh, 18 years old and so sweet natured. He coped really well with having his feet and teeth done whist on trial (his teeth were quite sharp which would not have helped his low weight and would have been inhumane of us not to get him more comfortable) and we have had fun riding him too with his slow trot and rocking chair canter, he also knows some dressage movements and I only have to breath into the saddle for him to stop, that is so cool!.


Clancy is also a lovely horse to do anything with and he has learnt to trust us heaps. He also has gone from taking half an hour to load onto the float to just minutes, making life really easy. Like our other boys, he is like an oversized dog around the place, a real pet.


Clancy tagged along with old Pepper to a Bucca Sports Day on 15th November 2009, whilst still on trial and nothing phased him, he was also happy to munch on the grass whilst we sat and watched the other events


He has also learnt where his eating area is, all I have to do is open the gate and he goes straight to his spot and waits and Pepper quickly follows to his area, both are fed away from the pesky young boys, as Pepper and Clancy are slower eaters, if they are not fed separately Stormy and Archie boss them away and eat it themselves. Clancy is rug at night to protect against biting insects we have up here.


We love Clancy so much and just because you are in drought, don't have the time or the horse is getting older is no excuse to allow your horse to drop in condition.


We are seeking information on Clancy's previous history if you can help please email: leabashiba@leabashiba.com

his brand:


These photos were taken on day 1 of coming here, stayed tuned for updates:



above: left day 1, right day 20

Below day 1:


above day 1, the last three ribs are evident and a tucked up appearance

above day 20, the tucked up look is gone and all ribs are getting well covered


above day 1 saying "Hi" to Pepper


Third week:

Photo above 5 months late, 2.04.10


His back injury on day 1 with dry coat and lots of missing hair, above

Below: day 20, being rugged with an insect sheet, a change of diet and Aloe Vera being applied daily;

The following photos were taken at 5 weeks, the coat on his back is growing

his back 23.1.2010:

Photo below 5 months later, slowly he is growing back his hair

He is also starting to fill out and put on weight :)

Photo below 25.1.2010