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Welcome to Clancy's page.



Clancy left, his first day here Nov '09 and right 15th May, 2011 (aged 20 y.o)


Clancy has his own Youtube, taken March 2014 and three months without being ridden

Clancy Youtube


coming into his 25th year above and feeling frisky above


Clancy above had came back from a free lease in late June 2013 where he had been used a confidence builder for children and adults from late 2012, took 6 weeks of hard work to bring him back from a light and shaggy paddock pony to competing at the Maryborough Interschool late August, 2013, we still had a bit to go by this time


Clancy November 2013

and March 2014

Clancy the Unicorn, happy tubby


Clancy September 2010

above adnd below Clancy 1.1.2011


Clancy 1st January 2010


This is Clancy, he is a Arab gelding 15.2hh, aged 20 years in 2011. He was my next riding horse after Pepper. Clancy came here in not so loved condition, see his history page but today it is a different story, only fitting a new beginning should start.

Clancy has taught me so much, I still ride Clancy occasionally, mostly to go and collect Sophie from down in the paddock when she is too busy talking to the horses over the fence, mum is now his rider and he is so nice and gentle with her, he is great on roads, never fizzes, though still does shy quite a lot at the silliest things, he just thinks too much! But we know that is what makes Clancy him, are aware he does this and we just laugh it off for it is annoying rather then dangerous .

Anyone wanting a charismatic and real talkative people horse, you can't go past a well bred and trained Arab.

Above: Clancy aged 23y.o enjoying a little jump with Katie.