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Teddy Day 1, 1.4.2012

Teddy bought from a local horse dealer, arrived sick with skin disease and underweight due to not enough food and a poor diet



Teddy 2nd year, January, 2014

Amazing what food can do and a balanced diet. This winter, for the first time in 2 years Teddy is now healthy and strong enough to go unrugged as he keeps Sophie company in a brood mare paddock as we patiently await the birth of Sophie's foal



His first indoor arena experience, January, 2014. We have learnt that Teddy does suffer from claustrophobia, he stresses in enclosed floats, stables and arenas

Playing in the rain December, 2013, on the right.


Climbing the tractor tyre and standing firm, not as easy as it looks guys

Welcome to Teddy's page.

We bought Teddy locally April 7, 2012. Teddy had been rescued some months earlier by a lovely lady, Tara Palmer. Teddy had found his way into some brutal and harsh hands who neglected him badly. Tara rode Teddy (then called Wally) and could see under the skin the bones that there was a lovely, well trained horse hiding within, she took the gamble and grabbed him, he has never looked back. He was then bought to the Kolan region, where I went and visited Teddy at another ladies place, though he was still a bit poorly, there was something about Teddy, just as there was something about Clancy, and I took the gamble and settled on Teddy.


Teddy is a 15.2hh Australian Stock Horse, he was advertised as somewhere between 17 and 19 years of age and the sweetest horse (found out recently from a previous owner he is well into his 20's, in 2012 our equine dentist stated he was at least 21 years of age).


He can be a little untrustworthy on the ground, due to harsh handling previously, but he is getting a lot better, but when in the saddle, he puts his trust completely in his rider. We have found Teddy has been very well trained, turns on a dime, roll backs, quick on his feet but still happy to just plod if you want. He LOVES trail riding, especially out on cattle properties, this finds him up on his toes and looking forward. He will be a handy horse for all our family.


Teddy and I went to a Team Penning clinic in Gin Gin in June, where he loved it, being an old mustering horse he was in his element. He went straight into the cattle and at one stage, the beast was proving a bit difficult to get into the pen, he then set about working the cow side to side, I just sat into the seat and went along for the ride, it was awesome!


We have also attended two obstacle days now and he was the only greenhorn that went through everything bar the Noodle Gate, which most horses baulked at.


We are so lucky to have found Teddy and I think he us.

Teddy 20.9.2012 above


Teddy below taking Katie over the double bridge at the Boots N Spurs obstacle day 30/9/2012

Below Teddy Sept 2012 with Don's beginner rider cousin Hayley coming back from a trail ride

a week after Tara rescued Teddy.

Above Left 31/3/2012 when I went to meet Teddy at Kolan.                                     Teddy above right 25/4/2012

his quartered heel below in July (it had already grown out a fair bit since May this year)        and right  in Sept 2012 with regular trims and good feeding

23rd June, 2012, he is now filling out nicely.

Heading off down to his favourite rolling pile after his wash above


7th April 2012, his first day here, he must have been very hard to catch, the halter I saw him in had rubbed badly on his face

Teddy on our first ride April 2012

April 2012, Teddy was suffering from a dermatitis to his skin when we bought him, itchy open sores were all over his belly and under his coat all over his body

April 25, 2012, Teddy's skin is healing nicely.

His first bath 11/4/2012, would be one of many to help his skin

The following weekend we attended a confidence clinic, Teddy was great, later in the day we actually rode up onto this obstacle as well as the see saw and more, he loved mechanical cow.


The eye of the horse, really reflects their inner soul and Teddy has such a kind and gentle eye.


23/6/2012, now that Teddy's body weight and mental condition is much better, we have started training

29th June 2012, heading out for a ride with Katie

Katie and Teddy at Dallarnil Sports June, 2012. I had entered Teddy, but he was feeling so fresh and happy, more like riding a racehorse then a battered old naggy, that we decided to pull him for the day and just ride him around, he had a great day especially chilln with his love, Sophie.

Teddy's first plait.

Teddy and I 23/6/2012 going for a gentle trott up the hill, still trying to work out his 'buttons' as he is super responsive, we have some funny times