Introducing a litter by Tallis and Joy D.O.B: 01.05.2006






This litter has further cement the strength and substance and great temperament of Orrinshir Ginger Rogers and the producing capabilities of Crossfire Caddie Shack.


Tallis (left)         Joy (right)


Joy has extremely high ball drives and tracking ability, sweet natured and fun loving, has been shown with success, Tallis has high ball drives, tracking and is also self assured and protective, has been successfully shown, both excellent with our children and other dogs. Tallis is the half brother to our Jack (Airport Security) and Chester (Correctional Service Dog) and is the full litter brother to our first home bred Australian Champion, Leabashiba Delta Force 'A' (0:0) 'Z' (0:0) BSC.1. Joy will be breed surveyed later this year, when Northern Qld has their next breed survey. Joy is 59.5cm in height, Tallis 65.5cm (at survey, where he gained class 1 classification).



Leabashiba Ms M (age 7.5 months)

Sire: Leabashiba De Pistol 'A'Z' BSC.1

Dam: Leabashiba Spirit Wolf 'A'Z' BSC.1

Deiva is shaping up very well, will be hip and elbow scored in May and later will be Breed Surveyed as are her parents



Wolfie (age 10 months)

(loving owned by Janice and family)




(lovingly owned by Shelley and family)



Tallis and Joy's daughter Tara (R) with her buddy Indy (L)

(loving owned by Peter and Di)





8 boys and 3 girls, were born healthy on the 1/5/2006 and all are now with their families and everyone is delighted with the strength of their puppies, both in conformation and character, please feel free to read their comments here









The helpful gardners

Where's Aunty Pk?

There she is!

no pant leg is safe!!!

thirsty work

a morning romp with PK




Our puppy updates as they progress with their new families:



Pedigree of: Litter of Tallis and Joy
Sex   Reg No.  
Date of Birth 01.05.2006   Breed German Shepherd
Owner   Breeder Heidie Grimson
Colour & Markings   Call Name  

Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 3:3

 Crossfire Caddie Shack:4:4



Leabashiba de pistol 'A' (5:5)Z' (0:0) BSC1

CH.Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC1

VA Tacko vd Felsen Grotte SchH1 NSW State Sieger Sieger Jeck v Noricum Sch H111 FH Odin v Tannenmeise Sch H111 FH
Anett v Noricum Sch H111
V Shela v Hasenborn Sch H 111 Nilo v Adeloga Sch H111 HGH
Rasti v Hasenborn Sch H1
Aust Ch. Masterton Aim To Fame Gr Ch Crossfire Claim To Fame 'A;Z' BSC1 Duel Sieger /Aus Ch/ Gold Medal Prima Zorba
Crossfire Caddie Shack
CH Hauskirk Rhapsody 'A'Z' BSC1 Hauskirk Amparo
Hauskirk Bridgette
Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A'Z' BSC1

VA Kantenna Ablaze 'A'Z' BSC1 Arko v Huhnegrab (imp Gmy) 'a'Z' SchH111 Quando v Arminius BHP2 FH IP3 Sch H3
Winni v Huhnegrab
Cabernae Inspired 'A'Z' BSC.1 Masuta Piaute
Hasenway Ottie
Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 'A'Z' BSC1 Tairnbacher Nemesis (IID. UK) 'A'Z' BSC1 Cello v Aschera
Vashika Tessla
Orrinshir Classic Magic Aus/N.Z. Ch. Baccara Red Beret
Hagenstolz Xenda
Leabashiba Spiritwolf 'A' (2:3) 'Z' (0:0) BSC.1

Ch Crossfire Chatos County 'A'Z' BSC1 (NZ Gold medalist)

Kim v Kaibach SchH11 'a'Z' (Imp Gmy) Natz vd Romerau Sch H111 TD Cim v Ecknachtal Sch H111 IP111 TD
Hexe vd Romerau Sch H1
Gilla v Kaibach Sch H111 FH IP3 Idol v Lechtal Sch H111 TD
Diana v Laubental Sch H1
Aust Ch Crossfire Celline (Aust.Silver medalist) 'A'Z' BSC1 Gold Medal Lesko v Wildsteiger Land Sch H1 Unto v Loher-Stein
Rita di Casa Mary Sch H1 IP2 ISP3
Crossfire Caddie Shack Aus Ch/Sieger Edlenblut Orkan
Crossfire Chantelle
Tairnbacher Calamity 'A'Z'

Menno v Noort (imp Gmy) 'A'Z' BSC1 Xandro vom Danischen Hof Lord v Georg Vicktor Turm SchH3
Minka vom Danishen Hof
Xandrana van Noort Cim v Ecknachtal Sch H111 IP111 TD
Cosima van Noort 'a' SchH111
Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 'A'Z' BSC1 Tairnbacher Nemesis (IID. UK) 'A'Z' BSC1 Cello v Aschera
Vashika Tessla
Orrinshir Classic Magic Aus/N.Z. Ch. Baccara Red Beret
Hagenstolz Xenda

















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