Tallis's litter was to be Karma's second and last litter, Karma gave us a lot of strength and character, two breed survey class 1's, two out of the 6 puppies xrayed, passed the GSDCA breed improvement scheme, a third, Dancing Dolly (Shorty for short) had a motor vehicle accident at 7 months of age, which required her hind leg to be amputated, her vet and our vet, commented at the time that her hips were also great.

The birth of the litter was a mercy dash to the vets, at around midnight, Tallis, being the first born and very big, had given Karma problems. Tallis was born on the back seat of our car, just 2 minutes short of reaching the vet. Another two puppies were born, before a caesarian section was performed, the last and smallest was Shorty, coming nearly 1/3 the size of Tallis. I didn't think Shorty would pull through, but she did and grew up to be a beautiful girl.

Above is Tallis's litter as well as a litter we part raised for another breeder, Tallis is the is the biggest puppy in the foreground to the left

Karma sadly developed a life threatening illness of her uterus (erupted pyometra) when Tallis was just 6 months, another mercy dash to the vet and about an hour till death, due to the toxins building up rapidly in her system that would have seen irreparable organ shut down, but thanks to the skill of my vet, Dr Tim Hill of Bundaberg Vet Clinic, he saved her life and she was speyed during the operation, which saw any hopes dashed of mating Karma to a really good dog that was producing exceptional type.

Karma has remained our faithful companion as has her son, Tallis and 2006 saw her daughter Pk return to us too. They are lovely companions and a pleasure to share our lives with. Tallis has gone onto produce two litters to date, Ruby's litter, owned by a good friend of ours and Deiva's litter. Deiva again has all the qualities we desire in our dogs and look forward to Karma's second generation and beyond

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Dixie on Left, Joy's brother on Right


Zahlee (Cheeky)    
Unfortunately, the owner of our other girl has never kept in contact, no photos available, below, classic moments:    

Leabashiba D litter:



Sire : Aust CH Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Tacko V.D. Felsen-Grotte SchH3 'a''Z' BSC.1 (IMP. GMY)

S: VA Sieger Jeck V. Noricum Sch H 111
D: V Shela V. Hasenborn Sch H2
D: Aust CH Masterton Aim To Fame 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Aust GRAND CH Crossfire Claim To Fame 'A'Z'BSC.1
D: Aust CH Hauskirk Rhapsody 'A'Z'
Dam : Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Kantenna Ablaze 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Arko V. Huhnegrab Sch h111 (imp. Gmy)
D: Cabernae Inspired 'A'Z' BSC.1
D: Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 'A'Z' BSC.1

S: Tairnbacher Nemesis (I.I.D) 'A'Z'
D: Orrinshir Classic Magic 'A'Z' BSC.1