NEWS!!!!! Leabashiba Spirit Wolf's first progeny to be hip and elbow scored gains her 'A'Z' stamp, Leabashiba Ms M




Leabashiba Spirit Wolf, C.C.D, C.D, E.T, BSC.1, 'A' (2:3) Z (0:0)



sire: Ch. Crossfire Chatos County 'A'Z' BSC.1 NZ Gold medalist


dam: Tairnbacher Calamity 'A'Z'

(photo taken at just over 2 years of age)



We would like to introduce you to Joy, she is the daughter of Crossfire Chatos County a dog of exceptional pigment and character and Joy is sire typical. Chato possesses exceptional breed qualities and being the son of Silver medalist Crossfire Celline and Sch h3 titled dog Kim v Kaibach, with an uncle who to his credit is a Australian Grand Champion, Bronze medalist (Crossfire Cantona) and who is the sire of our boy Jack, whom is completing his training as a active community service dog working within national security, the future is certainly bright for Joy and us, we were extremely pleased with CJ's litter to Chato and wish all of her puppies adopted families the best in the future.


Joy's mother is the half sister, via dam, of our Karma, who is the dam of Leabashiba Carmas Solo 'A'Z', an active community service dog. Joy is also the half sister to Leabashiba Ezy Ryder, who has been blitzing them on the West Coast in Agility competitions.


Whilst Joy  commenced her showing career in 2005,  we are now working towards  in obedience work with Joy, after allowing her to just enjoy being a puppy for awhile. Joy is an avid retriever and after only a very short time in training is getting ready to trial later in 2006 and Joy commenced trialing in 2007. Joy and I may go back to dog shows, but at the moment we are really enjoying ourselves at obedience


Joy gained her breed survey class 1 classification in September 2006 and has proven already she can produce, with a lovely litter to Tallis. Her daughter Deiva is gorgeous, with a lovely glamorous coat, strength of constitution and like Tallis and Joy has high retrieve, loves games and we are looking forward to what the future will bring with our two promising girls, Joy and Deiva, Joy has not produced a long coat.


Joy participated in the annual Ipswich Dog Obedience club Endurance Test on the weekend of the 29.07.07. Where we made a 1,000km round trip over the weekend and the test consisted of a basic obedience test, three sections of gaiting, up to 14km per hour, for a total of 20km and had to pass a vet check at every rest station and also complete another basic obedience test at completion.


Joy is the third LEABASHIBA German Shepherd Dog in 12 months to compete and pass the E.T. The first was Champion Leabashiba Delta Force E.T, BSC.1 and the second Leabashiba Ezy Ryder E.T, J.J.D, E.J.D and now Joy.


  • 20-Jul-08 190pt. C.D title, 1st place
    Bundaberg Obedience Club [OB] (Judge was Mrs T Byrne)
  • 2-Feb-08 192pts, Novice, 1st place
    Obedience Dog Club Bundaberg [OB] (Judge was Mrs J Byrne)
  • 2-Feb-08 188pts, Novice, 1st place
    Obedience Dog Club Bundaberg [OB] (Judge was Mrs I Dyason)
  • 1-Feb-08 180pts, Sweep Stake Novice, 1st place
    Obedience Dog Club Bundaberg [OB] (Judge was Mr C Gill)
  • 10-Nov-07 1st CCD in trial, (9 dogs in trial)
    Bundaberg Obedience Club [TR] (Judge was Iris Dyason)
  • 10-Nov-07 1st CCD in trial, (7 dogs in trial)
    Bundaberg Obedience Club [TR] (Judge was Mr A.)
  • 29-Jul-07 Endurance Test pass
    Ipswich Obed. Dog Club Endurance Test [OB] (Judge was Mr Nobbs)
  • 21-Jul-07 1st CCD leg
    Bundaberg Dog Obedience Club [OB] (Judge was Iris Dyason)
  • 21-Jul-07 1st CCD dog 2nd trial
    Bundaberg Dog Obedience Club [OB] (Judge was Iris Dyaons)

At Joy's first show in Junior she was awarded:

12-Nov-05 Junior of Breed, CC bitch (16pt), Best of Breed, Junior of Group 5
Bundaberg Canine Club [CH]


Karma and CJ's dam, Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 'A'Z' BSC.1 and her Orrinshir Ginger Beer 'A'Z' BSC.1, celebrate their 12th birthday, the week of 21st August, 2006.

Happy Birthday Ginger from your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at Leabashiba and around Australia




Sire : Crossfire Chatos County 'A' 'Z' Hneg BSCL.1

S: Kim Vom Kaibach Sch H 111 BSCL.1 S: V Natz V.D. Romerau Sch H 3 FH
D: V Gilla V. Kaibach Sch H 11
D: VA Aust CH Crossfire Celline 'A' 'Z' BSCL.1 S: VA Aust Ch. Lesko vom Wildsteiger Land Sch H1 BSCL.1
D: Crossfire Caddie Shack 'A' BSCL.11
Dam : Tairnbacher Calamity 'A'Z'

S: Menno V Noort 'a''Z' BSC.1 (imp. Gmy ) S: V Xandro vom Danischen Hof Sch H3
D: Xandrana V Noort
D: Orrinshir Ginger Rogers BSCL.1 'A'Z' S: Tairnbacher Nemesis BSCL.2 (imp I.I.D)
D: Orrinshir Classic Magic BSCL.1



CJ is the half sister of our lovely producer Karma, CJ, being the last puppy born to Orrinshir Ginger Rogers will give in Joy, the qualities we love of CJ's dam line.


Joy's litter the evening they were whelped.

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