Introducing Ch Leabashiba Delta Force 'A' (0:0) Z (0:0) BSC.1, E.T



Sadly PK passed away with lung cancer in 2011, but she did live out the rest of her days as the beautiful pet she was bred and born to be and not as a breeder, she gave my mother and father in law so much love and companionship also on the many weeks at Norval Park beach per year.

Pk like her mum Karma (Tairnbacher Winkie Woo) was a friend and companion first and foremost the things she accomplished in the ring was just a added bonus.



Photo taken 24.09.06

Sire: Ch Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC.1

dam: Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A'Z' BSC.1



(photo taken May '06)


In May, 2006, we were pleased to announce PK had come back home to Leabashiba. Typical of PK, she has come back into the Leabashiba pack, with absolutely no problems and now shares her life with our other dogs. Her nature is testament to what we hold very dear to our goals, no character, no GSD.


When PK returned, it was hoped to have her debut in the trial ring late 2006-2007, I had her attained her Endurance Test title by July 2006 and was working on her obedience knowledge. My intention was to achieve another goal, Dual achievement (winner of obedience and conformation section) at GSD National level, before having her speyed, but the enjoyment of this was scraped by a certain person.  


Pk  has now been speyed and I have given up the next goal I had set myself and my dogs aiming for Dual, as speyed females are not permitted to be exhibited in the show ring, but she  is enjoying herself, playing with her mates, PK is the essence of what truly makes the GSD the most versatile breed in the world.


As you can see from her page, PK has an excellent character and nature, beautiful with our children and excellent with our other dogs, as is her mother, Karma and is dam typical.


PK was consistently critiqued in the show ring: "she won this award on her absolutely beautiful movement, what a lovely bitch", as was her dam, Karma, at breed survey.






PK with Katie, 8th May, 2006



Pk's nights consist of sharing 'The Lounge', with her mother, Karma

click on these links for:


PK's survey

Tallis's survey (brother)

Karma's survey (mother)

Popeye survey (father)

Family snap shots



photo at just over 18 months


Leabashiba Delta Force survey states:


Well above medium size, 59cm, strong, compact, substantial bitch of very good type. Ideally the colour should be a little stronger. Strong Feminine head, very good planes of skull. Desired eye colour. Slightly short neck. High withers, firm back, very good length and lay of croup. Very good forequarter angulations, good length of foreleg, good underline. Very good hindquarter angulations, broad, well muscled thighs. Short, strong hocks. In movement she displays very good ground covering gait, with very good sequence of steps where the back remains firm.




Trustworthy, reliable, lively, good-natured character, alert, firm condition of nerves, self assured in confidence, self assured to gun.


Particular virtues: A bitch of very good type and out look. Dry and firm with commendable hip and elbow scores.


Advice for breeding: choose a bloodline to retain type and proportions.





PK's dam: Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A''Z' BSC.1 survey states:


A medium size (57.5cm), strong, substantial bitch of very good type and proportions. Very good feminine head and expression, dark eyes. Stands and moves with high wither, firm back, croup is short and steep. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation, very good length and lay of upper arm, good broad thighs. Stands correct in front. Steps correct front and rear. Very good fore chest development. During movement shows very good reach and drive. Firm in character.


PARTICULAR VIRTUES AND FAULTS: A bitch of very good type with very good length and lay of the upper arm.



breed survey, Mrs Faye Stokes





Tallis's breed survey states:


strong, 65.5cm, substantial, slightly stretched dog of good type. Strong masculine head, good eye colour, ideally the ears should be set a little higher. Good strength of upper and lower jaw. Slightly short neck, level withers, firm back, the croup is of good mould, but is slightly short. Good forequarter angulation, where the upper arm is long but could be slightly better angled. Yet to achieve final chest development, he should not become any deeper. Good length of foreleg. Very Good hindquarter angulation, where ideally the upper thigh bone should be a little longer. In movement displays good ground covering gait, with good forehand reach. Gun sure, trustworthy, reliable, lively, good-natured in character, alert, firm in nerves, self assured, self assured to the gun.


Virtues: A strong, well boned, well constructed dog with very good character.
Breeding selection: No bloodline restrictions.


Surveyor: Mr R Wenham





PK's sire: Masterton Leica Legend 'A'Z' BSC.1 breed survey states:


Large, 65.0cm,  medium strong dog of good type standing with very good height to length proportions. Good head and expression. Normal withers, firm back, slightly steep croup. Normal development of fore and underchest. Stands correct in front. Very good forequarter angulation where the upper arm is of very good length but slightly steep, very good hindquarter angulation. Steps narrow going, correct in front, elbows and hocks firm. In movement shows very good reach and drive where the back remains firm. Very good character and temperament.


Virtues, Dog of very good height to length proportions. Very good character and temperament. Slight restrictions in the lay of the upper arm and length and lay of croup.  Suitable for bitches who need correction in height to length proportions.


Surveyor: Mr D O'Rourke





Tallis's breed survey states:
































































Sire : Ch. Masterton Leica Legend 'A' 'Z' H-neg

S: VA Tacko vd Felson-Grotte 'a' 'Z' SchH3 BSCL.1

S: VA Jeck v Noricum SchH3

D: V Shela v Hasenborn

D: Ch. Masterton Aim To Fame 'A' 'Z' BSCL.1

S: V Grand Ch. Crossfire Claim To Fame 'A' 'Z' BSC.1

D: Ch. Hauskirk Rhapsody 'A' 'Z'

Dam : Tairnbacher Winkie Woo 'A' 'Z' BSCL.1

S: Kantenna Ablaze 'A' 'Z' BSCL.1

S: Arko v Huhnegrab

D: Cabernae Inspired BSCL.1

D: Orrinshir Ginger Rogers 'A' 'Z' BSCL.1

S: Tairnbacher Nemesis BSCL.2

D: Orrinshir Classic Magic BSCL.1

some moments we have shared with PK



Pk at just under 6months, 2nd Baby Bitch Puppy, GSDCQLD, July champ show, 2003

PK, 2 weeks after breed survey, Nov'50



Tallis and Pk, as babies



Pk at 3months of age, naturally beautiful



Playing a game (R, front) with one of our fosters, Costa (L, front) and baby Tallis (rear) with Katie

Pk bringing in the wood (rear L)


Nearly there (L)


PK (L) as Tallis looks on, typical male, get's the women to do the work


on one of her numerous visits home for a holiday, watching TV with her Leabashiba buddies

Outside, playing around


Just like her brother Tallis, Pk has a great love of games, during another holiday at Leabashiba



Trying to catch the lunging whip




Having a ball








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