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"Embers Alert"

3 year old off the track Thoroughbred, May 2014

Burt is our current project horse and in just three weeks his confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. Burt is the type of young horse where you must earn his trust, by taking things slowly, he no longer flinches every time he is patted, he will stand still and not get startled when we doing anything with him. Previously, he would take off in flight and in just three short weeks (22/6/2014), Burt is now just moving forward.

Katie has been building Burt's trust using Liberty work and happily follows Katie every where she goes, off lead.

Whilst Burt was still at the track, the week prior to us taking him home, a Tibetan Monk randomly walked down the path looking for horse hair for his rhythm drum, he randomly chose Burt and after taking a bunch of tail hair (good thing Burt's tail is lush) he informed his track rider and our dear friend, Jenna, "this horse is destined for great things" and since, Burt has already proven he is destined to be a great horse.

Burt was blessed by a Tibetan Monk whilst at Bundaberg Race Track, May, 2014 "this horse is destined for great things"

Burt day 1 of his new journey, 25/5/2014, 1 day off the track


Burt has his own Youtube's

1st taken on his arrival, after a brief introduction over the fence, the horses were left to meet each other Burt had a great time running around the hills freely for the first time and on  day three and already took to Western Trail Obstacles in his stride, walked up and over the bridge without hesitation:

First Day

and two weeks later

Burt's day

Freedom, first time in months Burt has been able to run free and enjoy the company of other horses freely, 25/5/2014, after being at the race track.

Burt retired from the track sound and healthy, but was too slow for racing, he is just three years old and there many of life's adventures in store for him

Palling up with Ditty and ol' Clancy. Clancy and Burt have been great friends since. Clancy has given  Burt a mate that is building his trust and knowledge in the horse world. Now, Clancy can no longer push Burt out of his feed, Burt now stands his grounds. He gets what it does take to be a horse.

First started as a canter up the hill before turning into a full on gallop, Burt had a lot of fun this day.

Burt enjoy the rain too for the first time in months, he had a lot of fun playing and looks like in this pic and the one below, he is licking the rain drops